What Are Some Major Features of ADP Security?

ADP Security provides a variety of safety features to prevent intrusion and monitor homes. Cameras and sensors monitor conditions in the home and detect unwanted entry. Alarms and notifications from ADP inform homeowners of unusual activity, and a mobile app provides users control over home security systems. The service also provides features for homeowner convenience, such as energy monitoring tools and remote control of lights and thermostats.

Homeowners can use the mobile app or Web interface to view live feeds of cameras or access recorded video. The system emails and texts images and video of any unusual activity. The sensor also has a night vision setting for nighttime visibility and is sensitive enough to exclude pets from triggering alerts. Users can activate and disarm security features as well as control locks and garage doors with the mobile app.

Users can link the sensors and app to home lighting, heating and cooling to manually control these functions or set them to automatically activate when the system detects movement or doors opening. The system tracks energy usage and can automatically adjust indoor temperatures to maximize energy savings. Custom schedules adjust lighting and temperature settings while residents are at work or on vacation.