What Are Some Maintenance Tips for Tiled Showers?

What Are Some Maintenance Tips for Tiled Showers?

Tiled shower maintenance includes wiping down the walls, cleaning with a nonabrasive cleaner, sealing grout lines, and making repairs as necessary. Regular cleaning and maintenance eliminates soap scum and mildew buildup that often occurs in a shower. It also keeps the tiles looking like new and prevent damage.

Wiping the walls with a clean towel after every shower prevents residue buildup that leaves a tile shower looking dull and dirty. It also reduces moisture that can promote mold or mildew.

Cleaning the tile regularly is also necessary. Running the shower on hot for a few minutes before cleaning helps loosen the residue on the tiles. An acetate-free, nonabrasive cleaner or a specialty tile cleaner works best. Testing the cleaner on a small part of the shower ensures it is safe to use on the tile.

The grout often shows dirt and scum. Sealing the grout twice each year helps lock out moisture and reduce mildew. A specialty grout cleaner works to remove discoloration or residue on the grout. A stiff scrub brush helps scour the group. Wire brushes should not be used as they can damage the grout.

Checking the grout at least once a year is also part of the maintenance. If the grout is damaged or too stained to clean, the homeowner needs to remove the grout and put fresh grout in its place.