What Maintenance Tasks Can an Electrician Do?


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Maintenance tasks an electrician can perform include changing light bulbs, remounting light fixtures, replacing burnt-out fuses and checking the connections on many household electronics. Electricians can also repair damaged outlets, secure frayed or open wires, and resolve issues with flickering lights.

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Many electricians can replace a variety of light bulbs throughout the home, including specialty exterior porch lights and overhead fluorescent lights. If the bulb breaks, the electrician can remove it safely without causing harm to the home's electrical system or the surrounding fixtures. Depending on the nature of the damage, an electrician may also remount a light fixture after it separates from its mounting. Electricians can also accurately replace fuses in homes with older wiring systems, as these require a specific wattage and style for each system.

In newer systems with circuit breakers, the electrician ensures each breaker has the proper amount of power. The electrician can also make modifications to any aspect of the home's wiring that is outdated or inconvenient, such as turning a light switch around or replacing an old outlet with a three-prong version. Similarly, the electrician can repair damaged outlets or circuits, including covering exposed wires or ungrounded connections. She may also help diagnose and solve issues with flickering lights, which can result from an overloaded circuit.

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