Which Maintenance Procedures Reduce GE Oven Problems?


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Some maintenance procedures that reduce GE oven problems include using the self-cleaning feature with caution, replacing the gas line and inspecting the burners. Further specific maintenance procedures depend on the particular GE oven model.

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Oven owners are advised to use the self-cleaning feature sparingly to avoid mechanical problems in the long-run. They should also follow the users’ manual before running a cycle. Homeowners should also open a window in the kitchen, because the environment gets hot during self-cleaning. Someone should also be home for the entire process, and it's important to wait for at least six hours for the oven to cool before wiping it down.

Oven owners should also replace the gas line when getting a new oven, or moving the existing one to a new location. This is because a lot of vibration and movement is created when moving the oven, which can cause the gas line to leak. Homeowners can purchase a new gas line from the company installing or moving the oven. They may have to pay a nominal fee for installation.

Lastly, appliance owners should regularly inspect the burners for deformities, and replace them as needed. A burner can cause major damage to the appliance if it shorts out. The entire coil should be an even shade of red when it is on, which indicates that it is working properly.

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