What Are Some Maintenance and Care Tips for Teak Furniture?


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Teak furniture requires little care and maintenance other than an occasional cleaning. Outdoor furniture begins with an initial warm brown color and then ages to a soft silver. Applying a sealant when the furniture is new and oiling occasionally helps to prevent the color change and maintain the original color.

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Cleaning the furniture occasionally using a soft brush and a mild detergent solution helps to remove any accumulated dirt from the surface. Avoid stiff or metal brushes that can damage the wood. If planning to oil the furniture after cleaning, allow plenty of time for the water to dry before proceeding. If you plan to oil the furniture, talk with the dealer about the appropriate oil to use to preserve the surface. Many teak oils are primarily linseed oil and do more harm than good.

Grease stains require a commercial teak cleaner to remove, but also tend to fade naturally with time. Some teak cleaners remove the silver patina and restore the teak to the golden color. If you want the silver color and a grease-resistant surface, apply a sealer after the color develops.

Teak is naturally impervious to water and resistant to rot. However, it should not be left in standing water. After a rainstorm, wipe seats and other horizontal surfaces dry.

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