How Do You Maintain Wooden Garage Doors?


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To maintain a wooden garage door, examine the door for soft spots or other damage and apply a new coat of paint and topcoat if the finish is cracked or peeling. Examine the door for pests, such as termites, and apply the recommended treatments if pests are present. Examine the hardware and seals, and examine the weather seal on the bottom of the door. Replace any parts that are loose, damaged or worn.

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To locate rot, use a screwdriver, prod the wood with a long-handled screwdriver. If the screwdriver is easily inserted into the wood, repair the damaged sections of wood. To prepare the door for a new coat of paint, scrape chipped and peeling paint off the wood with a paint scraper, and fill any holes or cracks in the wood with wood filler.

To maintain the hardware, grease the springs with a lightweight lubricant, tighten screws and other connection points, and check the rollers for signs of damage.

After repairing the necessary hardware, close the garage door, and stand inside the garage. If light shines through the sides of the door, remove and replace the seals. Replace, or install, weather seals on the bottom of the garage door if the current seal is damaged or missing.

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