How Do You Maintain a Propane Storage Tank?


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Average customers do not need to do any maintenance on their propane storage tanks besides ensuring that the gas never fully runs out and possibly scheduling a yearly inspection by an expert. Allowing your tank to become totally empty can cause leaks or other damage.

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Propane storage equipment and safety practices change regularly, and mistakes can lead to explosions or dangerous leaks, so only trained and qualified service technicians should perform maintenance on propane storage tanks. If you rent your tank from your propane supplier, performing unapproved maintenance may violate your contract.

You should be aware of where the shutoff valves for your tank are and be prepared to immediately turn them off if you smell a propane leak, provided it is safe to do so. You should also visually inspect your tank for damages and contact an expert if you see any. If you lift the tank dome to check the gauge, be sure to put it back down and make sure it fits securely.

Preventative maintenance may be useful in some high-traffic areas. If your tank is near a driveway or other area with vehicle traffic, surrounding it with a protective barrier is a good safety precaution. If it is in a location where groups of people socialize or where large animals such as cattle or deer can get to it, you may want to consider a larger security fence to prevent tampering.

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