How Do You Maintain a Pool Filter?


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To maintain a pool filtration system, shut the filter system off, bleed the air pressure, remove the filter, clean and replace it, and then bring the filter back to the correct pressure. However, many pool filtration systems use a filtration material such as sand or diatomaceous earth instead of a cartridge-type filter, and these systems vary in the maintenance procedures they require. The frequency of pool sanitation treatments dictates how often owners need to practice filtration system maintenance.

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Pool filters need cleaning when the pressure gauge no longer reads within the specified range for the specific filter. After turning off the filter and relieving the system's air pressure, open the canister to remove the filter. Most filters can be disassembled for easier cleaning. Clean all of the filter parts by soaking them overnight in a good pool-grade degreaser, and then rinse the parts thoroughly using a garden hose with a pressure filter to create a strong spray.

Inspect all of the parts for damage, and if any is detected, replace the entire filter with a new one. Reassemble the filtration system, and bleed the air out of it. Ensure that the pressure gauge shows the correct reading for the type of filter in use.

Sand filters have a backwash option that allows for flushing the sand or other material with clean water and disposing of the ejected material through a separate drainage hose. Pool owners with these types of filters need to replace the filtration material according to the product's specifications.

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