How Do You Maintain a Pool?

To maintain a pool, make sure it is at the right pH level, add chlorine to the pool, shock the pool, add algaecide, clean the pool walls, and remove dirt and debris regularly. You need pH strips, chlorine, shock products, algaecide and pool cleaners for this ongoing process.

  1. Maintain the proper pH level

    Use pH strips to test the pH level in your pool water. The pH should fall between 7.2 and 7.6. The pool's pH measures the level of acidity in the water. A pH of 7 is considered neutral, and pool water should be slightly alkaline.

  2. Add chlorine

    Add chlorine to your pool water to prevent bacteria and algae growth. Chlorine is available in liquid form and as tablets.

  3. Shock the pool

    Shocking the pool eliminates contaminants that can cause the water to get cloudy and reduces the odor of chlorine. Shock products are found at most pool supply stores.

  4. Add algaecide

    Use algaecide to get rid of microscopic organisms that enter the pool daily.

  5. Clean the pool walls

    Use a scrub brush to clean the walls of the pool regularly. Use the brush recommended by the pool manufacturer.

  6. Remove debris

    Use a skimmer basket to remove all visible debris, such as sticks, leaves and trash, from the pool.