How Do You Maintain a New Log Home?


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Log home maintenance entails cleaning logs, applying UV coating, staining logs and chinking. Log homes require proper maintenance to remain looking new and to avoid costly restoration projects.

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How Do You Maintain a New Log Home?
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Wash logs using a sponge to take off the dirt and grime that might have accumulated and to assess any damage to the logs. Use log cleansers that are also environmentally friendly and don't harm the finishes in good condition. Clean the logs yearly.

Clean your log home before applying UV coating to see the condition of the wood. Add a clear UV coat to protect the wood every five to 10 years.

The right time to stain a log home depends on the type of weather it is exposed to. Use stain that is compatible with the materials used on the log home. Wrong stain can cause damage. A new coat of stain is required every five to 10 years.

Chinking is done to seal noticeable gaps in logs. Logs expand and contract as they settle and move every season. Chinking is sometimes used as a design feature.

Regularly cleaning the log home helps keep everything as good as new. Take note of any standing structures, plants, water pools and debris near your home before cleaning.

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