How Do You Maintain a Gas Fireplace to Avoid Costly Repairs?


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Maintain a gas fireplace and prevent costly repairs by performing monthly inspections and cleanings and having a professional service the unit annually. A lack of maintenance causes the unit to burn inefficiently. Worn gaskets cause potential carbon monoxide leaks.

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On a monthly basis, clean the glass doors to the fireplace, even if you have not used it. Combustion of natural gas or propane forms chloride salts that deposit on the glass. These salts cause permanent clouding of the glass doors unless you remove them regularly. Check for spider webs or dust while the doors are open, and remove them. Inspect the door gasket, and call a professional for replacement, if necessary. Inspect the flue for visible damage and clean any leaves, nests or other materials that accumulate around it.

The professional maintenance includes cleaning any carbon buildup from the burner and logs to ensure optimal efficiency of the unit. When he replaces the logs, he ensures they are in proper alignment to provide the most natural-looking flames and reduce any excess carbon formation. During this service, the technician adjusts the pilot light for optimal performance, ensuring efficient lighting of the gas. He makes sure the controls are free of dust and operating correctly. He inspects gaskets and the flue and makes any necessary corrections.

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