How Do You Maintain Your Fridge to Avoid Having Problems?

How Do You Maintain Your Fridge to Avoid Having Problems?

A fridge has less problems when the owner cleans the condenser coils, maintains the gaskets, cleans the drains, keeps freezer vents clear and levels the unit. These simple maintenance tasks also extend the life of the refrigerator and make the fridge run more efficiently.

Regularly cleaning the condenser coils has a major impact on the longevity of the appliance as dirty coils put extra strain on the refrigerator. Every three months, the user should vacuum the coils or brush away dirt with a broom.

The gaskets along the doors create a seal that helps the refrigerator run efficiently. Sticky residue on the gasket causes it to tear and lose the tight seal. Fridge owners should only use water to clean the gasket as cleaners or soaps can damage the rubber. Damaged gaskets should be replaced to improve the seal and allow the appliance to run efficiently.

The refrigerator also needs to be level for a proper seal. Make adjustments to the feet of the fridge to correct leveling issues.

Freezer use is also a factor in the longevity of an appliance. A freezer that is only about 75 percent full allows for necessary air circulation. Additionally, the freezer vents should remain clear for optimal circulation.