How Do You Maintain Concrete Yard Statues?

How Do You Maintain Concrete Yard Statues?

To maintain concrete yard statues, apply a water sealer, place the statues on a base, move them carefully, and wash them with water and mild detergent. If a statute includes an area that collects water, such as a birdbath or fountain, ensure the area drains completely before winter to avoid cracking as the water freezes.

While concrete is a durable material, over time, weather elements outdoors can break down the statue, causing damage. Taking precautions when you first buy a concrete statue helps it hold up so you can enjoy the yard ornament for years.

If you don't want the concrete statue to grow organic matter, such as moss and lichen, apply a water sealer made especially for concrete. Apply the sealer every year to keep the concrete statue looking like new. If you prefer the aged look of moss growing on the concrete, skip the sealer.

Placing the statue on a base keeps it off the ground, which helps protect it from cold soil temperatures in the winter. A paving stone or poured concrete pad works as the base. For a concrete birdbath, remove the top, or turn it upside down so water can't collect in the area.

When your statue needs cleaning, avoid bleach or other harsh chemicals. Spray the statue with a regular garden hose. Use a mild soap if necessary.