How Do You Maintain and Clean a Jacuzzi Tub?


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To maintain a Jacuzzi tub, run the filter and pump eight hours daily, test chemical levels daily and shock the tub weekly. Add cleaning agents and stain and scale remover as recommended by the manufacturer, and drain and clean the tub every three months.

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Circulating the water in the tub helps to keep it clean. Run the spa pump and filter for eight hours minimum each day. Especially before using the tub but at least daily, test the spa’s chemical levels, and maintain the recommended level of chemicals in the tub. Tub tub’s pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6, its bromine level should be at three to six parts per million and its chlorine level should be at 3 to 5 parts per million. Adjust the chemicals as needed to properly balance and maintain a healthy water level.

Each week, use 1 ounce of shock treatment for each 500 gallons of water in the tub. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for adding weekly amounts of chlorinating and brominating compounds. Add 2 ounces of stain and scale remover for every 800 gallons of water in the tub as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent buildup and stains. Clean the tub at the water line as needed with a soft cloth and spa surface cleaner.

Every three months, drain and refill the tub. When the tub empties, use spa surface cleaner to clean the tub’s surfaces, being sure to rinse the cleaner off thoroughly prior to refilling the tub.

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