How Do You Maintain Bromeliad Plants?


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Maintain and care for a bromeliad plant by keeping it in a low light and humid environment, watering it well, fertilizing it throughout the growing season and trimming off any new growths. Depending on the type, a bromeliad requires very well-draining potting soil or another plant on which to grow such as a tree.

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Unless you live in a naturally warm and humid climate, keep the bromeliad in a pot as a houseplant, and place it in front of a window or another well-lit area. However, some bromeliads such as those with soft, green leaves require low light. To increase humidity, place the plant on a tray of wet gravel. As the water evaporates, it raises the humidity. A humidifier can also help raise the humidity.

Water the plant once a week from the top over the center rosette. If the leaves curl, water the plant more often. Empty the pot's drainage tray immediately to prevent the roots from sitting in water and developing rot.

Feed the plant once a month using a diluted water-soluble fertilizer. Start feeding the plant in May and stop at the end of summer. As the bromeliad develops and little pups grow from the main rosette, remove them and plant them elsewhere..

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