What Are the Main Types of House Siding?


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The six most popular types of home siding are vinyl, wood, brick, stucco, stone and fiber-cement. Each has its own benefits and downfalls.

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What Are the Main Types of House Siding?
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Vinyl siding is a popular choice among homeowners because it is inexpensive, easy to maintain and versatile. It comes in a wide variety of styles and colors and manufacturers are developing new ways to make vinyl siding to avoid giving it a plastic look. Homeowners find installing vinyl siding easier than other types and the installation process requires very few tools.

Wood siding is the perfect choice for bungalows and cottages. It requires more maintenance than vinyl siding, but gives the home a rich appearance that can last for a century, if properly maintained. Wood siding requires staining to make it weather resistant and periodic chalking.

Brick siding offers homeowners a wide variety of shapes and textures. Brick siding is long-lasting and will usually cost between $6 and $15 per square foot installed. Prices are accurate as of July, 2015 and will vary. Proper installation requires a veneer under the brick to protect the structure from weather-related damage.

In order to safely use stucco siding, installers must place a waterproof barrier over the walls of the home to keep them protected. Stucco is more difficult to install than other types of siding and cracks easily.

Stone siding provides a home with natural beauty, but it is the most expensive of all siding options. For a less-expensive and more lightweight option, try stone-veneer. It comes in natural and synthetic versions and with proper care, will last the lifetime of the home.

Fiber-cement siding can provide the look of stucco or masonry, at a fraction of the cost. It is a low-maintenance option that comes in a variety of textures and colors. the lifespan of this type of siding is from 25 to 50 years.

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