What Are the Main Types of Bearing Removal Tools?


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Main types of bearing removal tools include bearing pullers and wedges. A large adjustable wrench, channelocks, bearing race driver tool or various size punches, as well as a socket and ratchet set or assorted crescent wrenches, are all tools used when replacing a wheel bearing. Bearing grease and seals, wheel blocks, an automotive jack, rags and a new cotter pin are also needed when replacing a wheel bearing.

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The process of removing a wheel bearing involves parking a vehicle on a level grade before using wheel blocks to secure the vehicle. Use an automotive jack to raise the vehicle, and place jack stands underneath the frame to provide support. After removing the tires and disk brake pads, use channelocks to remove the wheel bearing cap. Remove the cotter pin and retainer ring, or use the channelocks or an adjustable wrench to remove the castellated nut.

After removing the outer wheel bearing and washer, slide the rotor or drum off the spindle. Remove the grease seal, and then use a bearing puller to remove the inner wheel bearing. Many tool manufactures sell wheel bearing puller kits that contain a number of special purpose-built tools that may aid in the removal of wheel bearings.

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