What Are the Main Problems With Washing Machine Installation?


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The main problem with washing machine installation is difficulty moving the machine due to it's awkwardness and bulkiness. Enlisting several people to help move the washer generally solves this problem. Problems may also arise if plumbing or electrical work is required to install a washer in a new location.

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Overall, installing a washing machine is easy if the location is set up with the correct plumbing and electrical connections. After positioning the washer, install the drain hose over the side of an existing laundry sink or into a standpipe. The standpipe should have a larger diameter than the washing machine's drain hose, and it should be taller than the washing machine to prevent the washer from overflowing. Next, connect the water lines, making sure to correctly orient the hot and cold water.

The final step involves ensuring that the washing machine is level by using a bubble level and adjusting the legs of the washer. A washer that is not level may bang loudly or move across the floor while it is in use. Next, users should plug in the machine and turn on the water supply. It is best to watch the machine during the first wash cycle to ensure that it is functioning properly and no leaks exist.

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