What Are Some of the Main Problems With Kenmore Elite Ovens?


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Some main problems with Kenmore Elite ovens include the oven not heating and erratic oven temperature. The oven not heating can be caused by either the bake or broil element, or a defective oven control board.

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The Kenmore Elite's baking element is a long, black tube that is located at the bottom of the oven. While the oven is on, the baking element turns red as electricity runs through the element. If there are holes or blisters on the tube then it needs to be replaced.

The broil heating element looks similar to the baking element, but it is located near the top of the oven. If there are holes or blisters on the element, then it is no longer functioning and needs to be replaced. Both elements can be checked for continuity using an ohmmeter to see if they are still conducting electricity. If they are no longer able to conduct electricity, then they need to be replaced.

If both of the heating elements appear to be fine after testing them, then the oven control board is most likely the reason why the appliance is not heating. There is no way to test the control board directly.

Erratic oven temperature in a Kenmore Elite oven can be caused by the broiler and baking element, as well as by the oven's temperature sensor. The temperature sensor should be tested with an ohmmeter if the broiler and baking element are determined to be functioning correctly.

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