What Are the Main Parts of a Window?


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The main parts of a window are the stiles, the sash, the muntins, the window panes or glazing, and the apron. The stool, the jambs, the casing, the sill and the rails are other parts. Some windows also have operators, latches and extension arms.

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Stiles are the vertical members of the window frame, found at the sides of the window. The sash is the strip of wood, metal or other material that subdivides the panes of glass in a window frame. Muntins are the strips of wood or metal that hold the panes of glass. Some windows have muntins both inside and outside.

The glazing in a window can be single, double or even triple thickness. Some layers have inert gas in between them to serve as insulation. The apron is the horizontal piece found beneath the window stool. The stool, found at the bottom of the window, protrudes from the wall. Some builders call the inside projection the stool, while the outside is the sill.

Jambs are the interior sides of the window frame, and the casing is the vertical and horizontal elements that surround the window. The rails are horizontal elements that connect the stiles. An operator is a crank that allows casement or awning windows to open and close.

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