What Are the Main Parts of a West Bend Coffee Maker?


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West Bend makes two types of coffee machines, an urn style and a drip machine. The main parts of each coffee maker are completely different depending on the style.

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The urn style of a West Bend coffee maker consists of a large metal cylinder with a faucet in front for dispensing the coffee. Inside the urn is a percolating tube and a basket into which the coffee grounds are placed. Users fill the urn with cold water, place the percolating tube and filled basket inside, and top the urn with a cover. A built-in heating element that connects to a power outlet via an AC cord heats the water and percolates it through the grounds in the basket. Urn-style coffee makers are generally large-capacity machines, ranging from 30 to 100 cups.

A 12-cup percolator is similar in construction to the urn. The percolator consists of a small, metal cylinder with a built-in spout. Inside is a percolating stem in place of a tube and a basket topped by a spreader. The 12-cup percolator includes a liquid level indicator and a handle in addition to a cover with a transparent knob. The heating element and power cord are similarly placed to the urn style.

West Bend also makes a 12-cup drip coffee maker. The main parts of the drip maker include a glass carafe, a shower head which functions similarly to the percolating tube, a removable filter basket and nylon filter for the coffee grounds, and a water reservoir in place of the metal cylinder.

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