What Are the Main Parts of a Toilet?

What Are the Main Parts of a Toilet?

The float ball, toilet tank, ball cock, cold water supply pipe and siphon are some of the main parts of a toilet. Other parts include the fill valve and lift chain. Knowing the parts of a toilet and their purpose is necessary to understand how a toilet operates.

The float ball prevents water from getting to the toilet tank. If the water gets to a certain level, the ball reaches an angle that closes the ballcock. The toilet tank is the toilet's biggest part. At all times, it contains 2 gallons of water. It fills the toilet with water and pushes waste water down the sewage pipe.

The purpose of the ball cock is to prevent water from overflowing or backflowing to the toilet tank. It connects to the chain and is visible at the flush tube. The cold water supply pipe is the small valve that sticks out of the bathroom wall next to the toilet. It takes water to the toilet.

The siphon is the part that enables the toilet to flush. It has an alternating shape that creates a force with the water, making it possible for the toilet to flush. The fill valve takes water back to the toilet tank, and it connects to the water hose. It is also responsible for sending water through the bowl-filling tube.

The lift chain is the part that connects the ball cock and flush valve. It lifts the ball cock, which then pushes water down through the siphon. The toilet cannot flush if the lift chain is broken.