What Are the Main Parts of a Sunbeam Mixmaster?


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The main components of a Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer are the stand, turntable, headlock, two mixing bowls, bowl-fit beaters and dough hooks. The small mixing bowl and dough hooks are accessory parts that may not be included with purchase of certain models.

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The sunbeam website also lists whisks as accessory parts to be used with the Mixmaster. Mixer accessories can be purchased on the Sunbeam website, and parts may be purchased at a local service center. The Sunbeam website features a service center locator where individuals may search by state.

Features of the Sunbeam Mixmaster include 12 variable mixing speeds and specially designed bowls and bowl-fit beaters that ensure all ingredients are mixed evenly and thoroughly. The beaters eject easily via a push button ejector located right beside the handle.

To assemble a Sunbeam Mixmaster, the turntable is pressed into the base of the stand and snapped into place. The turntable must be adjusted with the turntable locator switch to adjust to the bowl size being used. The mixer head is attached by pressing on the mixer-release trigger, placing the mixer head onto the stand and releasing the trigger to lock the mixing head into place. The mixer head must be secured into position before using the stand.

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