What Are the Main Parts of a NuWave Oven?


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The NuWave Oven user manual lists the main components as the powerhead, transparent dome, cooking rack, liner pan, base and dome holder. There is also a digital control panel and analog control dials. Some models also include a 3-inch extender ring that can be used to extend cooking space.

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To assemble the Nuwave oven, the liner pan is first placed into the base. The base handles should be dropped down to ensure the dome fits properly. The cooking rack may then be placed in the liner pan. Food may be placed on the cooking rack and then assembly is complete once the dome and powerhead are placed over the food and locked into place by rotating the powerhead clockwise. Power level and cook time are set using the controls.

NuWave ovens are marketed as versatile cooking tools with the ability to broil, roast, bake, grill, steam, dehydrate or even air-fry food. The ovens use a combination of convection, conduction and infrared cooking to heat food evenly and quickly to the desired result. NuWave indicates that frozen food may be cooked directly without defrosting. The NuWave website sells cookbooks designed for use of NuWave ovens and hosts a NuWave Cooking Club.

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