What Are the Main Parts of a Miele Coffee Machine?

What Are the Main Parts of a Miele Coffee Machine?

The main exterior parts of a Miele coffee machine include the power button, display, hot water dispenser, light, drip tray, main dispenser and milk container. Some of the interior parts include the storage drawer, coffee bean container, coffee bean grinder, water tank, manual steam valve, brew unit and waste unit.

Miele coffee machines come both as built-in and countertop models. The main parts of both types are the same. Built-in models are installed directly into a wall or cupboard and require hooking up to a water source. Countertop models are self-contained. Both types require starting with whole coffee beans.

Built-in models have some different parts. For example, they feature an automatic rinse and cleaning program. Built-in models also require special parts for the water connection, such as a switch for water hardness.

The exterior of Miele coffee machines features a display with touch controls. These allow users to select what type of coffee drink they want to make. These options include espresso, cappuccino, latte and drip coffee.

One of the main components of the interior of the machine is the bean container. Users can only fill this container with whole coffee beans that are not caramelized or flavored. Pre-treated coffee beans and ground coffee damages the system. The container pulls out so users can fill it. The coffee system does have a funnel for ground coffee.