What Are the Main Parts of a Meat Grinder?


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The main parts of a manual meat grinder are the hopper, the auger or screw, the blade, the plate, the cover and the handle. Hoppers either bolt down or clamp to a surface. Many grinders come with a pusher shaped to fit the feed tube of the hopper.

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What Are the Main Parts of a Meat Grinder?
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The body of a standard manual meat grinder is called the hopper. There is a feed tube where the unprocessed meat enters the hopper, a casing for the auger or screw and either bolt-down legs or a clamp assembly whereby the hopper is secured to a table or counter top.

The auger is the main working part of the grinder. This fits through the hopper casing. It is formed in the shape of a screw to force meat through the hopper casing into the blade. At either end is a protruding bolt adapted to fit the handle and blade. The handle fits over the large bolt at the rear end of the auger that extends through a hole in the closed end of the hopper casing.

At the open end of the hopper casing, the blade fits over the smaller bolt at the front end of the auger. The plate fits into the case, held in place by notches aligned to fit small tabs in the hopper casing. The cover then screws over the plate, securing it to the hopper flush against the blade.

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