What Are the Main Parts of an Air Compressor?

main-parts-air-compressor Credit: svedoliver/iStock/Getty Images

The primary parts of a compressor include the motor, pump, filters, cylinder heads and storage tank. Minor parts include the switch, drain and the control valve. The size and orientation of these parts depend on the compressor type.

The motor powers the pump for the air compression process, while the storage tank acts as a reservoir for the compressed air. The control valve prevents air backflow into the compressor heads. The intake filters filter out debris and contaminants that may compromise the air compression process. For efficacy, the filters should be cleaned frequently. The pressure switch is a crucial component. It powers the motor off when the compressed air reaches the preset limit and on when the pressure drops.

Proper knowledge of the compressor parts is important for the initial purchase and maintenance procedures. The right selection ensures functionality and optimum operating frequency. Crosscheck the parts with the provided instructional and parts manual. Alternatively, seek assistance from a knowledgeable colleague or technician.

Optimum performance and longevity require the best air compression operation practices. Ensure scheduled maintenance for baseline measurements, follow the instruction manuals for operation and maintenance, and operate within the set parameters. Preventative maintenance reduces chances of compressed air contamination, low production quality and unplanned breakdown. For the best results, order the replacement parts from the manufacturer and certified dealers.