What Are the Main Features of the Lifesaver Smoke Alarm 1275?


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The main features of the Kidde 1275 Lifesaver Smoke Alarm are its ionization sensing technology and its ability to use alternate or direct current electricity. Other features of the Kidde 1275 include a Smart Hush system, a button for testing the alarm and a protective dust cover for the sensor.

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The Kidde 1275 Lifesaver Smoke Alarm's ionization sensors can detect flame particles that are associated with flaming fires, as opposed to smoldering fires, and they can initiate an alarm sooner than the alarm's photoelectric counterparts. The Kidde 1275 is a hardwired unit, but it contains a 9-volt battery backup and can be interconnected with up to 24 different units within a building. Its Smart Hush system lets the user silence alarms that have been triggered inadvertently. As of January 2010, this product was discontinued by the manufacturer because of faulty alarms, with the recommendation that it be replaced with a similar unit, the Kidde i12040.

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