What Are the Main Differences Between a Ninja Blender and a Nutri Bullet?


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One of the differences between the Ninja Blender and the Nutri Bullet is that the Ninja has 1500 watts of horsepower while the Nutri Bullet only has 600. Another difference is that the Nutri Bullet blending container functions as a drinking cup, while the content of the Ninja blender needs to be poured into an actual cup.

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The Ninja blender and Nutri Bullet also differ in the fact that blenders by Ninja are available in five different sizes whereas only two cup sizes are provided for the Nutri Bullet. Additionally, the Ninja blenders have a higher capacity than the Nutri Bullet.

Ninja blenders also come with different speed and blend settings while the Nutri Bullet only has one option for speed and blend type. Price is another difference between the two; the Ninja blenders cost about twice as much as the Nutri Bullet, as of 2015. Another difference is that the blades of the Ninja blender stand higher than the Nutri Bullet blades.

Some similarities of these blenders are that both come with various accessories and a one-year manufacturer's warranty. They are both easy to use and clean. Both products are dishwasher safe and free from the potentially toxic chemical Bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA.

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