What Are the Main Characteristics of Rustic Country-Style Decor?


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The main characteristic of rustic country-style décor is the use of natural materials. The decor is also characterized by its simple elements, such as natural lighting and earthy colors, which produce warm and cozy aesthetics.

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The use of natural materials is key is this type of décor. The use of wood on floors, ceilings and furniture is common, and non-glossy metal is typical of wall hangings and furniture. The furniture and accessories are mostly handmade and have rough and unfinished looks.

Earthy colors, such as dark green and burnt orange, provide a natural appeal. Natural light is highly incorporated, and fireplaces and candles give warm and soft artificial light.

Rustic country style decor uses natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, to make curtains, cushions and kitchen napkins. The fabrics usually have simple patterns and colors, and the items have handmade designs on them.

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