How Do You Magnetize a Screwdriver?


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To magnetize a screwdriver, clean the screwdriver shaft, and run the shaft along a magnet, working from the base of the shaft to the tip. Test the screw for magnetism, and repeat the process if needed. You need a strong magnet to achieve a strongly magnetized screwdriver.

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  1. Clean the screwdriver

    Moisten a cloth with water, and wipe the shaft and tip of the screwdriver to remove any dirt and debris. Blot the screwdriver with a dry cloth.

  2. Run the screwdriver along the magnet

    Hold the screwdriver in one hand, and the magnet in the other hand. Place the base of the shaft onto the magnet, and run the shaft slowly, but not extremely slowly, along the magnet from the base to the tip of the shaft. Repeat the motion a total of five times to enhance magnetism, ensuring that all the motions originate from the base to the tip of the shaft.

  3. Test the screwdriver, and repeat the process if needed

    Touch the shaft tip to a metal screw to test the screwdriver for magnetism. If the screwdriver partially lifts the screw or does not lift the screw at all, repeat the magnetization process until the screwdriver completely lifts the screw.

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