How Does Magnetic Paint Work?


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Magnetic paint works because it is a primer that contains small iron dust particles and it creates a painted surface that attracts magnets. Magnetic paint is a specialty paint that can be used on different types of wall surfaces, such as wood, plaster and metal. However, there are a few tips on how to apply the paint properly to ensure a stronger hold.

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Although magnetic paint can create surfaces that attract magnetic items, it is only for interior use, as noted by Rust-Oleum. This manufacturer notes that latex paint or chalkboard paint may be utilized over this base paint.

Before using this paint, it is important to mix it well because it tends to separate when it is in the paint can for a long period of time. When buying this paint at a home improvement center, it a good idea to have it mixed thoroughly at the store, as stated by Bob Vila.

To create a stronger hold, at least three coats of magnetic paint may be necessary. However, only use two coats of regular paint over the magnetic paint. If more than two top coats are used, it can lessen the paint's magnetism, according to the Rust-Oleum site. Another tip is to use drop cloths on floors before painting a wall with magnetic paint because it is difficult to remove.

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