Do Any Magic Chef Vintage Stoves Have a Self Cleaning Feature?


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Most collectors consider only Magic Chef ovens created prior to 1957 true Magic Chef ovens. Any oven produced before 1963 does not have a self-cleaning feature, so it is not possible to find a vintage Magic Chef oven with a self-cleaning feature.

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The Magic Chef line started in 1929 and was manufactured by the American Stove Company until 1956. The American Stove Company was owned and operated by two brothers respected for the quality of their design and manufacturing. Ovens made during this period are the decorative and distinct ovens still sought by collectors and decorators. Beginning in 1957, Magic Chef merged with another company before eventually being bought by Maytag. Maytag continued producing ovens under the Magic Chef line until merging with Whirlpool in 2006. While the Magic Chef ovens manufactured after 1957 may be acceptable regarding cooking performance, they do not hold the same appeal as antiques or vintage collectibles as their predecessors.

General Electric developed the first self-cleaning oven in 1963, and other companies followed. By the end of the 20th century, a self-cleaning option became standard for most oven manufacturers. So, later model Magic Chef ovens with a self-cleaning feature do exist, but they are not vintage Magic Chef ovens.

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