What Are Some Magic Bullet Repair Parts?


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Magic Bullet repair parts include a high torque power base, cross and flat blades, and tall and short bullet cups. The power base contains additional repair parts, including a cable guide, assorted screws, a motor fan blade and a thermal fuse.

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A Phillips head screwdriver, a flat blade screwdriver and a pair of groove joint pliers are needed to disassemble the Magic Bullet and access the electrical components in the power base. Remove the sticker on the bottom of the power base, and insert the head of the flat blade screwdriver into the slot. Clamp down on the blade gear that is located at the bottom of the Magic Bullet blender cavity with the pliers. Twist the flat blade screwdriver counter clockwise to remove the blade gear.

Next, remove the four rubber stands from the bottom of the power base, and take out the four screws. Beneath the cover lies the L shaped cable guide. Remove the two screws that hold the guide in place with the Phillips head screwdriver. Unscrew the three screws that hold the body to the motor. Turn the blender over and remove the three rubber plugs found at the bottom of the blender cavity. Remove the screws under the plugs, and lift the motor from the blender to access the electrical components.

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