How Does the Magic Bullet Juicer Extract Juice?


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The Magic Bullet juicer extracts juice by blending the pre-cut fruit into pulp. It has a blade that rotates at high speed, cutting the pieces of fruit and mixing it with water to produce fruit juice. One can make juice from blending different fruits together.

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How Does the Magic Bullet Juicer Extract Juice?
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The Magic Bullet blender comes with a juicer attachment, a cross blade and a plunger. Users start by cutting the fruit into small pieces. The smaller the fruit pieces, the faster the juicer will make juice.

Next, users attach the juicing attachment to the jug and ensure they fit appropriately. They place the cup on the base to lock the cup tabs securely. The motor will then turn on to start the process. As users put the fruit in the jug, they use the plunger to push them down. More importantly, they need to ensure there is some space left to avoid overworking the blade.

When all the pieces have been crushed to juice, users turn the juicer clockwise to remove it from the base. Next, users pour the juice in glasses, while ensuring the juice residue does not fall into the glasses. Users can drink the juice straight or keep it in a refrigerator for later consumption. For safety, they should not touch the blade as it rotates. After using the juicer, users need to wash it with soap and water and then let it dry.

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