What Are Luxaire Heat Pumps?


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Luxaire heat pumps are air conditioners that provide both cooling and heating. The U.S. company, with manufacturing plants based in Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio, began in 1939 as the C.A. Olden Manufacturing Company. In 2014, the Acclimate HL8B Heat Pump was awarded the Energy Star Most Efficient designation.

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A heat pump has an advantage over a typical heating and air conditioning unit because it only uses one system. It also doesn't burn fuel to create heat and uses little energy in the pumping process. A heat pump is most efficient in moderate climates.

Heat transfer is the process used to move heat from one place to another. In the natural world, heat tends to move from a high temperature to a low temperature. A heat pump reverses this process. Air-source heat pumps take air from outside and pull it into coils filled with refrigerant, similar to how a refrigerator works. It has two fans, the coils, a compressor and a valve that reverses the air flow.

Luxaire's Acclimate HL8B Heat Pump, the one that won the Energy Star award, has a two-stage compressor. The second stage kicks in during extreme hot and cold periods, helping to regulate temperatures while saving energy. This heat pump also uses R-410A refrigerant, an eco-friendly option, and is one of the quietest models on the market.

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