How Is a Lux Thermostat Programmed?


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The Lux thermostat has switches to program the thermostat. The various switches include the set switch, the temperature switch and the fan switch. It also has the emergency button, the setback button, the hold button, the up button, the down button and the next button to aid in the programming.

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Before programming, load two alkaline batteries. Open the outer flap to reveal the programming controls. In the case of touch-screen thermostats, program with the touch-screen feature. Place the set switch in the day/time mode, and set the day and time using the up and down buttons.

There are four periods available per day: morning, day, evening and night. Set up a custom heating-and-cooling schedule. Move the temperature switch in the heat mode to program the heating temperature and in the cold mode to program the cooling temperature. Place the set switch to the temperature mode.

To prepare a unique schedule, start with setting the four periods for each weekday and then for Saturday and Sunday. For each combination, select the start time and the temperature. There are various modes of programming: the seven-day mode, the 5+1+1 mode and the 5+2 day mode. The digital and the mechanical modes do not offer programming. Press the next button repeatedly to check the program settings. Put the thermostat set switch in the run mode. The thermostat programming is now complete.

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