How Do You Lubricate a Garage Door?

How Do You Lubricate a Garage Door?

To lubricate a garage door, dust it, oil the springs, grease the roller axles, apply spray lubricant to the roller bearings, and lubricate the pivot pins. This 30-minute process requires a stiff brush, a stepladder, a grease gun, white lithium grease, spray lubricant, motor oil and a dust mask.

  1. Dust the mechanism

    Stand on a stepladder, put on a dust mask, and use a stiff brush to remove dirt and dust from the rollers and springs.

  2. Oil the springs

    Lubricate the coil springs with motor oil. Open and close the door several times to spread the oil over the springs.

  3. Grease the roller axles

    Open a tube of white lithium grease, and load it into a grease gun. Lower the door, and apply the grease to the roller axles. Lubricate both ends of each axle.

  4. Lubricate the roller bearings and pivot hinges

    Apply silicone-free household lubricant to the roller bearings, which are located on both ends of each roller. Locate the pivot pins, which are tiny pins in the door hinges, and lubricate them.

  5. Distribute the lubricants

    Open and close the garage door several times. This spreads the lubricants to ensure smooth operation. Apply additional lubrication to any door components that do not move smoothly and quietly.