How Does Lowe's Categorize Items in Its Online Store?

How Does Lowe's Categorize Items in Its Online Store? categorizes products by keyword, item number, brand name and model number. Once a search is initiated using one of these items, the website provides additional information to refine the search further, such as brand, price and color.

Customers can also browse through Lowe's products online by using the navigation bar provided at the top of the web page. The navigation bar holds links to the various Lowe's department web pages, such as bathroom, building supplies and plumbing.

For example, customers can either search for a KOHLER toilet by inputting the brand name or model number into the search bar, or by using the bathroom link in the navigation bar to view a list of bathroom products. If the navigation bar option is used, the customer is presented with a popular category feature that lists various types of toilets, toilet kits and toilet accessories. The toilet category web page also provides customers with a popular brand organization feature so that only KOHLER toilets are displayed if desired.

The search bar feature is designed for a customer who has a more focused idea of the kind of product he is searching for, while the navigation bar is for those who have a more general idea or simply want to browse through Lowe's products.