What Are Some Low Ground Cover Perennials?


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Ajuga is a low-growing perennial ground cover that thrives in both sun and shade to quickly fill in a large area. Ajuga varieties include bronze beauty, with deep burgundy and green leaves and burgundy glow, featuring variegated green, white and wine-colored foliage. The herb sweet woodruff works as ground cover for a spot with partial sun or full shade, and it works well combined with hostas.

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Bright green leaf whorls add accent with tiny white flowers that emit a spicy scent. Wooly thyme, mother-of-thyme and prostrate rosemary are low-growing herbs that work as perennial ground covers for sunny areas. Brass buttons is a finely textured sunny ground cover resembling tiny, black-tinged ferns with flowers in a bronze hue. John Creech creeping sedum stays low and spreads rapidly, covering a sunny area with its scalloped gray-green leaves and pink blooms.

Bishop's weed, with its green and white foliage, and Purple Dragon lamium, featuring silvery-green foliage and pinkish-purple blooms, rapidly spread to cover a large shaded area. Also an excellent shade choice, bunchberry produces spring-time white flowers followed by fall berries and leaves that turn a purplish-bronze color. Golden moneywort, often called creeping Jenny, adds color to shady spots with its golden leaves.

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