How Loud Are Miele Dishwashers?

For 2015 Miele dishwashers, the noise level ranges from 37 to 48 decibels. Miele puts the sound between a whisper and a light rainfall. The Miele dishwashers fall between the hush of a library and the quiet of a conversation at home, according to Purdue University noise comparisons.

The Diamond Series dishwashers are Miele's quietest models. They produce 42 decibels of noise under normal operation and 37 decibels when the ExtraQuiet program is activated.

The dishwashers in the Futura Dimension Series generate sounds at 44 decibels, while the Futura Classic, Future Slimline and Futura Crystal dishwashers rate at 46 decibels.

The ProfiLine PG 8080 i and ProfiLine PG 8083 SCVi are the loudest Miele dishwashers at 48 decibels.