What Do You Do If You Lose the Key to Your Sentry Safe?


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If you lose the key to your Sentry safe, call the customer service department at Sentry or fill out the Need A Key section of the Sentry website. If you need immediate access to the contents of the safe, pick the lock using a lock-picking kit or tools made from paper clips.

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To create lock-picking tools from paper clips, take one paper clip and bend the outer piece up into a 90-degree angle. Take 1/8 inch of the tip of the bend, and bend it down into another 90 degrees using needle-nose pliers. Measure 1/4 inch on the extended piece, and bend it 90 degrees to the right side using the needle-nose pliers. The paper clip now resembles a tension wrench.

Take a second paper clip, and bend the outer end 180 degrees. Use the needle-nose pliers and bend 1/8 inch of the extended piece upward into a 45-degree angle. The second paper clip now resembles a feeler pick.

Take the tension wrench, and place it into the bottom of the lock. Place the feeler pick in the top of the lock, and press up on each of the interior pins from the front of the lock to the back. Press each pin until it clicks into place as it reaches the sheer line. As you place each pin, put clockwise pressure on the tension wrench. Once each pin is in place, the lock turns to the unlocked position.

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