What Is a Longevity Ozone Generator?


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Longevity Resources produces a line of ozone generators. Ozone generators are marketed for commercial use as water purifiers. They are also marketed for home use as air purifiers and odor eliminators, but the Environmental Protection Agency has issued warnings about their use for this purpose.

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As of February 2015, the Longevity Resources ozone generator product line is made up of the Quantum 3 and Quantum 5 for commercial use and the Ext 50, 120 and 120-T for home use.

The Quantum 3 is a "bench top" model for use in dental, medical or laboratory facilities. It has two separate ozone output ports for simultaneous use in different applications. It also has a foot switch control and uses glass tubing and electrodes for purity. The Quantum 5 is similar but appears to have only one ozone port. The home systems are primarily intended for hyperbaric chamber sauna cabinets.

Ozone chemistry in water is different from its chemistry in air, and while it is considered safe for treatment of water it is not considered safe for inhalation. The EPA warns that ozone is a toxic gas with entirely different properties than oxygen and may cause a wide range of negative health effects if inhaled. They also warn that ozone has not been found effective in removing particles from the air or neutralizing odors.

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