How Long Do Irises Bloom?

long-irises-bloom Credit: mlorenzphotography/Moment/Getty Images

Irises typically bloom for one to three weeks during the spring and summer months. Planting a varied selection of early blooming, mid-blooming and late-blooming iris species can extend the overall blooming period up to eight weeks.

Irises are considered one of the easiest flowers to grow as the hearty blooms can withstand inflexible grasses and weeds. Irises bloom best in well-drained soil and direct sunlight. There are approximately 200 species of irises in the world. Iris colors include red, pink, purple, orange, blue and white. Bearded irises grow out of an elongated root known as a rhizome. Bulbous irises grow out of a bulb and are typically blue in color with a centered yellow mark.