What Are Some Long-Blooming Perennials?


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Some long-blooming perennials include the black-eyed Susan, Astilbes and fernleaf bleeding hearts. Each of these plants produces beautiful flowers that bloom from the late spring all way to the fall.

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The black-eyed Susan plant produces yellow-orange petals that begin appearing in midsummer. If the dead and faded flowers are removed, this plant can bloom through fall and, in some cases, into winter. The black-eyed Susan grows to be around three feet wide and can grow to be up to 20 feet tall.

Smaller in size, the fernleaf bleeding heart plant blooms off and on beginning in the spring and ending in the fall. Flowers vary and range from pink to bright red flowers, and the fernleaf bleeding heart plant grows to be about a foot tall and a foot wide. This plant is deer-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor gardens and indoor planters.

Astilbes have light, feathery plumes in a variety of colors such as peach, salmon and red. There are two types of astilbes: Astible japonica, which blooms in the late spring, and astilbe chinensis, which blooms in the mid- to late-summer. These plants grow from six inches to eight feet tall and can grow to be from 18 to 30 inches wide. Outdoors, the Astilbes plant attracts birds and provides ground cover while having a resistance to deer.

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