How Do You Get a Log Cabin Look With Vinyl Siding?

To get a log cabin look with vinyl siding, install siding that is made to simulate wood textures similar to logs. Timbermill, Adirondack, Liberty Home Solutions and FauxPanels are companies that offer vinyl simulated log siding, as of 2015. The siding is available in a wide variety of colors, wood styles, grains and textures. It may appear less realistic when viewed up close, but it generally gives a good appearance and requires less maintenance than conventional wood logs.

The Adirondack wall system offers several siding colors and wood grain effects. The company claims that its siding is fairly easy to install for those with some basic tool and home improvement skills. The only maintenance required is spraying the siding occasionally with a garden hose.

Timbermill has log siding available in American Cedar and Forest Brown log cabin panels. Periodic washing with soap and water is the primary maintenance requirement. The company offers a variety of knot and grain patterns to give a realistic appearance, and its panels come in several different patterns to give an authentic randomly placed log look.

Cypress, Spice, Vermont Maple and Smoke are some styles available from FauxPanels. It custom manufactures orders and requires two to four weeks for delivery.

Liberty Home Solutions claims its vinyl log siding requires no maintenance and provides better insulation energy savings that surpass conventional logs or wood log siding.