What Are Location Guidelines for Building Your Own Outdoor Pizza Oven?


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When choosing a location for a pizza oven, safety should be the first consideration, followed by convenience and aesthetics. Primarily, do not place a pizza oven too close to anything flammable.

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Avoid building an outdoor oven near shrubbery or low-hanging branches to avoid the possibility of starting an unintentional backyard fire. Nearby trees should be regularly pruned. Build the oven sufficiently far from a home or other structure to prevent wind from carrying sparks or flames nearby.

Determine whether or not the oven will be part of an overall outdoor dining area in order to choose a layout and design. For instance, it is important to ensure that smoke from the oven does not drift into an area where people plan to sit and relax. On the other hand, some people in more temperate climates may wish to enjoy heat from the oven on cool evenings. Adding adjacent seating space for guests is important if entertaining is a priority.

While some people choose to build their own outdoor pizza ovens, others hire stone masons, who are capable of creating a number of designs to suit a particular environment. Custom builds with a hired professional are usually more expensive but allow for more innovation.

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