How Do You Locate the Serial Number on a Lane Product?

To locate the serial number on a Lane product, look on the law label, the customer reference label, the fabric description hang tag, inside the front base rail or on the side of the shipping carton. You typically find the serial number in several places, as stated by Lane.

The law label is the one that begins with the phrase "Under penalty of law, this tag not to be removed...," and the serial number is found at the bottom of the tag. The customer reference label has many numbers on it, but the serial number is the one at the top right of the label, as reported by Lane. The fabric description hang tag lists the materials contained in the product, and the cleaning instructions for it. The serial number is centered at the bottom of the tag.

Only non-recliners have the serial number inside the front base rail. For recliners, you must open the reclining portion to reveal the customer reference tag and law label. On stationary furniture, the law label and customer reference tag are situated on the underside of the piece, as shown by Lane.

The serial number is on the carton's shipping labels, located on the handling side of the box. The number is on the left side of the label, about halfway down, according to Lane.