How Do You Locate Replacement Stair Lift Parts?


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Locate replacement stair lift parts at online accessibility parts retailers, such as AmeriGlide.com and USMedicalSupplies.com, and online lift specialty parts retailers, such as Access2parts.com. The latter two websites feature online shopping options to order stair lift parts directly, while AmeriGlide offers an online order that prompts a courtesy confirmation telephone call from one of the company's parts specialists.

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Stair lifts consist of components for seating, power, control and track systems. Each entails a number of parts to ensure safe and reliable operation. The seating system consists of the seat and safety belt mounted onto the motor housing. Optionally, the seat may have a swivel feature for easier transfer from another mobility device, such as a scooter or wheelchair.

The power system is typically a hard-wired or battery-operated, high-torque, low-speed electric motor that engages traction devices on the track system, a wall-mounted metal railing system along the stairway, as it climbs or descends. The control system operates the motor with a handheld unit, remote call and send buttons, or a constant pressure control in the footrest or seat.

The most common use of a stair lift is to assist mobility-challenged people in ascending and descending stairways that are otherwise a dangerous obstacle. The system works by motorizing a seat that runs up or down the steps at a safe speed.

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