How Do You Locate Local Dealers That Sell Antique Sideboard Furniture?


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There are a number of ways to find local dealers that sell antique sideboards, including searching local antique dealer websites and looking on Craigslist. A quick phone call to a local antique store is another option for finding antique sideboards.

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Many local antique stores have websites that offer a list of current furniture pieces available at the store. Most stores provide photographs and details about the specific pieces for sale. These lists are usually located on the home page or under a menu option, such as Selection or Current Inventory. Because some antique shops may not list every available piece on their website, calling the dealer to ask if they have any antique sideboards is another option.

Another way to find antique sideboards through a local dealer is to search on Craigslist. Simply click on Furniture under the For Sale menu. Click Dealer at the top left corner of the page, then search for "antique sideboard." This search lists photos and descriptions of sideboards available through local dealers. The name and location of the dealer or store are listed in the description. To search by a specific location, enter "antique sideboard" and the location in the search bar or select the specific area at the top of the page.

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